About Cetera Labs

Service level agreement, SLA in Canada

  1. Services included:
    1. Design (website redesign, banners, collages).
    2. HTML-coding.
    3. PHP- and JS-programming.
    4. Content management.
    5. Usability and conversion.
    6. Hosting or Apache-webserver and MySQL-database administration at your webserver.
    7. Backup, anti-virus, security.
    8. Search engines optimisation.
    9. Web advertising campaings management.
  2. Support requests are accepted by:
    1. Email support@ceteralabs.com
    2. Or at our project management system (we use Atlassian Jira).
  3. Requests are accepted 24/7.
  4. All requests are prioritized as:
    1. Immediate — website is down, infected or critical module is in the error state.
    2. Important — major part of the development plan.
    3. Common — most of development and design request for new features creation.
    4. Minor — small tasks with low importance.
    5. Unimportant — “maybe somedays” tasks.
  5. Requests are processed in this priority order.
  6. Questions and content requests are sent to the client at PM-system. PM-system send the customer an Email-notification for all the important activity.
  7. Big complex tasks are splited by Cetera developers to the “minimal viable products”.
  8. Completed tasks are sent for acceptance to the client at PM-system. The acceptance period is 5 business days.
  9. Cetera bugs are processed at our expense during the whole contract term.
  10. Hosting includes no more than one dedicated server (Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake HT, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD 2 * 512 GB). If this config is unsufficient, we administer your own servers or rented from the third-party.
  11. If Cetera administers client's own or rented server, client provides us with a root-access or Cetera will not be liable for website uptime, backup and security.