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eCommerce Management Services

eCommerce Management Services consist of important components like technical support and website maintenance. But the first path for business is to develop the site.

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Landing Page

As a rule, this is a small resource for brand promotion. In essence, it is a business card site where the company, its services or goods are presented. As a rule, such a site includes pages called «About the company», «Feedback», «Services», «Contacts», and «Blog». The cost depends on the number of pages and the time it takes to create them.

The landing page can be of two types: a separate one-page website to promote a single product or service or a separate page on an existing website. The task of the landing page is to provide users with the necessary information about the product or service without distracting them from other elements.

These sites are suitable for small businesses. If the business is large or medium, the costs increase, as more pages, features, and capabilities are required.

E-Commerce Website

This is essentially an online store. Even if it's simple and has only a few dozen products, the cost of its development differs significantly from the previous type of website. After all, its functionality is much more complex. It should include the development of the following elements:

  • main page;
  • shopping cart;
  • pages of categories and sections;
  • product pages.

In addition, the e-commerce site should have a number of functions:

  • integration with payment systems;
  • feedback function;
  • user registration;
  • search;
  • admin panel;
  • notifications;
  • and many others.

Therefore, it takes much more time to develop an e-commerce site. A lot of specialists are involved in the project. The cost of developing an eCommerce site from $ 5000. Requires at least 2-3 months even to develop a simple store.

High-tech portals and systems

Large portals and high-tech systems require special development efforts. They have to withstand high traffic, be able to contain voluminous content and work under high loads. As a rule, the functionality of these web sites is extensive, and its development requires 6 months of work and a large team of specialists.

The cost of developing portals starts at $ 15000 and is always discussed individually. After all, its price is influenced by a large number of factors.

Turnkey digitalization

If a business wants to enter the digital space and successfully go through digitalization, turnkey digitalization will be an excellent solution. It's not just about creating a new website. Everything starts with the concept, development of ideas and methods of positioning the company in the online space. The necessary type of site is created, promotion strategies are developed. If necessary, an application and other digitalization products are made.

Despite the fact that this is the most effective way to make a company digital and productive. In addition, it will take a minimum of 6-8 months to create the products. Generally, it takes much longer. Therefore, the transition is done gradually. Our prices you can see here.

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