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Wix Maintenance

We are ready to provide professional technical support for your site on the Wix website builder. We support, administer and develop websites on Wix, and we will do everything we can to make your site look and work as efficiently as possible: improvements to the appearance, content and functionality of the site.

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Support of websites and online stores on the Wix platform requires professional assistance. The specialists of our company are ready to solve tasks on a one-time or regular basis. We work with diverse and single-type tasks of different levels of complexity.

In-depth knowledge of the platform. We have been working on Wix sites for a long time. Specialists have studied all the features, functions and settings, which positively affects each project.

Cooperation with companies and private customers. Possible technical support on an ongoing basis with a choice of suitable rates for your requirements. Multidisciplinary staff to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

All types of services in one company. We are working on the design: development, additions, improvements. We are also always ready to improve the functionality, to work with scripts.

What kind of work do we do?

Some sites are updated rarely, others need to keep in excellent physical shape without headaches to the head of the company or the marketing and advertising department. As part of technical support, we are ready to perform a number of simple and complex tasks to improve the comfort of the site and its functionality:

  • Connect additional standard blocks to display information.
  • Let's carry out the development or refinement of the visual design of the site (design) in Zero Block.
  • Provide the development of graphic banners and greeting cards.
  • Create and post new sections on the site.
  • We'll process the sent materials and accurately place them on the site.
  • We'll write new texts based on your theses or rewrite your texts.
  • Connect additional functionality of the site within the capabilities of this platform (for example, configure the functionality of the online store).

Individual calculation of the cost taking into account the time spent on complex and non-standard tasks conditions are negotiated immediately. It is possible to create new pages on templates, adding products, changing blocks and the cost of products. We also add articles, news, correct product positions and prices.

Website maintenance is a topical issue for everyone who conducts his business on the Internet. Experience shows that if the owners of the Internet site refuse to support it, it will lead to a significant decrease in its attendance. If you do not monitor the site, the money, time and effort invested in it will be in vain.

Professional support for the site — this is the main condition for its effective functioning and maintenance of high positions in search results. Only with well-organized work and timely updating of the resource, you can keep the old visitors and get new users.

85% of visitors find new sites with the help of search engines, viewing, as a rule, only the first pages in the search results. Sites that are presented among the first, visitors consider leaders in this area and it is these resources that they pay special attention to.

Thus, site optimization — a set of works, which provide the placement of the site on the first pages as a result of the search for a given query to the visitor. Optimization improves attendance and efficiency of your Internet resource. The results of website optimization for search engines is manifested in an increase in the target audience, improving the position of the site in search engines on the thematic requests of your resource, the growth of the company's image and sales of goods and services.

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