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Website Management

After the launch of the site, active work on its development and support begins. And this part is about website management. Cetera's technical support team can provide prompt revisions and changes to your site.

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Website support in Cetera's vision is not primarily about updating content on the site, but implementing new features, finalizing new sections of the site, and optimizing the site.

Website support is

Basic services of the site support (setting up the admin panel, adding content, setting up the server) and project work on the development and refinement of the site. Cetera Labs closely links website support and development.

Website Maintenance

Cetera Labs provides website maintenance services. In terms of support we render services of make-up, design, development, administration, moreover the project is engaged by specialists who develop it, that increases speed and quality of technical support.

Support of websites

If you have several sites Cetera Labs allocates a project team that performs maintenance of web sites.

Comprehensive Website Support

When the team can do the analytics, set up the marketing tools, develop the prototype and design, do the layout and programming, set up the server, help with filling and related work. All of this is comprehensive website support.

Website maintenance services, support and website maintenance

Website maintenance Cetera refers to the following services:

  • analysis of the site indicators on Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrika and recommendations for improving the sections;
  • finalization of the site on the request of the client or on the basis of recommendations;
  • internal optimization for search engines;
  • design and development of new sections of the site;
  • server configuration;
  • contributing content to the site.

Professional support for websites is different in that the project is assigned to a project manager and a team that is responsible for the performance and success of the site.

Cetera has clients for whom we have been providing website maintenance for many years. Over that time, specialists on the client side and specialists on the project team change, but the support processes and technology ensure a smooth transfer of experience without disruption.

Confused with contributing news to the site and maintaining informational materials. In Cetera's terminology, site administration is the development and implementation of a strategy to achieve the business goals of the site. For this support project manager is assigned to the project, which attracts analysts, marketing experts, system technicians, so the site has achieved business goals: to increase sales, conversions and attract the desired quality of the target customers.

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Creating and commissioning a website is the main step towards a business with the desired turnover. To make the monetary investment in the site paid off, and he was able to fully function, becoming a source of income, it is important to maintain its work. In this case, the service supports the site's indispensable tool for efficient and effective functioning of the site. The company's competitors are not standing still. Their sites are developing and promoting, ahead of or kicking your website out of the top search engines. Do not rule out attacks, hacks, which require replacement of information, texts, or partial elimination of bugs in the functionality of the site. Website support is aimed at solving such problems and helps to avoid problems related to the incorrect operation of the web project.

Support site is a set of measures aimed at maintaining and servicing the needs of a web resource. The service controls the stability of the work and updates the site. Professional maintenance of the web page brings it to the next level, which determines the success and profitability of the business.

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