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WordPress Website Maintenance

When talking about the advantages of WordPress, the main focus is usually on how easy the process of creating a website on this platform is. If you create a website for many trained users, then WordPress management should be entrusted to professionals. Our Cetera Labs maintenance team will ensure stable operation and support of the functional part of the WordPress website.

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Why Cetera Labs?

WordPress will help you create an online portfolio, an online store or any other website, and manage WordPress sites should be entrusted to professionals in their field – the company Cetera Labs.

Neglect of basic site maintenance activities can lead to many unpleasant consequences, but our specialists will be able to cope with any situation.

Maintaining your site in working order involves the following tasks from the list of WordPress management services:

  1. Acceleration of page loading.
  2. Development of measures and security.
  3. Consultations of owners and specialists who work with the site – the development of user experience.
  4. Promotion — improving the ranking in search engines.

Regular maintenance is mandatory. Only experts know how to manage a WordPress website. The experienced team of Cetera Labs provides a range of services and, if there is a contract, carries out the following works in a timely manner:

  1. Preventive measures. A website without preventive measures and improvements simply becomes chaotic and difficult to use. This is the basics of WordPress site management. Without proper care, it simply will not work at the peak of its capabilities and will not be able to perform its function as intended. Cetera Labs conducts regular maintenance of customer sites.
  2. Monitors the work of the Internet resource and promptly updates or installs the latest version of WordPress - WordPress site management service. This gives you access to new features and code updates, eliminating gaps in the protection of the site. In fact, an untimely update is one of the most common reasons why a WordPress site can be hacked.
  3. Scans and analyzes plugins and themes. Outdated plugins and themes are the main gateway for hackers trying to hijack your site. When a new plugin appears, Cetera Labs specialists first update WordPress, and only then proceed to the component update stage. Thus, it reduces the likelihood that a conflicting plugin or theme will bring down your site. This is another rule of WordPress website management services. Before updating, make a backup.
  4. Cetera Labs advises site specialists on how to work properly and comply with security measures – WordPress website support. Gives recommendations on what you can do on your own. Minor security updates and technical elements are automatic. The client should not disable this feature. For the site owner, there is no risk that security updates will harm the resource, but they are guaranteed to help protect against hacker attacks. But it is worth eliminating the automatic update of WordPress itself.

Website maintenance on WordPress

Cetera Labs will take full care of the site. WordPress website maintenance services includes:

  1. Checking the frontend of the site. Your site is designed for visitors and users, which means you need to keep track of all the nuances, especially if there are sections that do not work as they should. Specialists look at the site as a visitor and correct the identified shortcomings. They study how well everything looks and works, including in the mobile version of the site.
  2. Checking analytics is also part of WordPress website management. A weekly study of the site's statistics shows: what works and what doesn't, what content is popular among visitors and much more. This information helps to adjust the strategy of resource development and content that increases customer loyalty and demand.
  3. 3. Deleting spam comments. Depending on the volume of traffic, the site can receive from several dozen to several hundred spam comments per day. This interferes with the perception of information. They need to be deleted. WordPress website management services, in addition to installing anti-spam plugins, provides for regular updating of spam comments.

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