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Technical Support Websites

Every online project in due time will need technical revision, as technology and fashion every day dictate something new. This service is quite a stretch. Technical revision of the site in website maintenance — and making adjustments to the site design, and supplying it with additional modules, and optimization of the code written by the webmaster, as well as removing any malfunctions.

Base conception

A number of works on the finalization of the site:

  1. Site design and correction of its appearance.
  2. Modernization and error correction.
  3. Installation of additional modules and improving functionality.
  4. Replacing the engine and connecting a new CMS.
  5. Early optimization of the project.
  6. Elimination of existing bugs.
  7. Technical support of the site

This is quite painstaking and responsible work, which should not be carried out partially, because each project needs constant changes, which are determined by a variability of market conditions. Technical support of sites is carried out by the system administrator, whose responsibilities include solving technical problems and relentless struggle with spammers or spam bots.

Website Maintenance Solves:

  • Supplementing, or correcting old data.
  • Updating and improving the pages of the site (without changing the basic template).
  • Development of new pages and placing them on the site.
  • Ensuring the safety and smooth operation of the project.
  • Resuming the site in case of failures.
  • Collection and processing of site traffic statistics.
  • And website management.

Site Design

The solidity of your company will be judged by the site design. He should pay special attention: take care of the quality of pictures, colors, etc. Your goal — a stunned and delighted customer.

Support Of The Site

Like everything else, technical maintenance is endowed with a special purpose, which is to protect sites from malware and malfunctions, as well as to correct content. This service offers its user the opportunity to respond in a timely manner to such frequent changes in search engine algorithms. The site is made to make the necessary adjustments and success is guaranteed once again. This is by no means the last task of the service technical support sites. The project can quickly add new modules, if necessary.

Continuous comprehensive support is recommended for those whose business is established on the Internet and is developing, which requires constant work on the site: updating information, content, photos and videos, texts, news and price lists, promotions, etc. Dynamically developing web resources require constant technical and informational support.

Web studio creates and supports web sites and guarantees professionalism, confidentiality and full responsibility. We offer professional web project support at affordable prices in Kiev. Leave a request for information and a manager of the studio will contact you, advising on current issues.

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