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Joomla Website Maintenance

Many sites are made on the popular CMS Joomla. To protect the security of the site, it is necessary to constantly maintain the CMS Joomla and modules. If you keep track of the latest updates of your site, it will guarantee a stable and safe operation of the site using CMS Joomla

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Benefits of ordering support site with Joomla

Immersion in your business is the only way to create an effective product. As the "showcase" of the online store is located on the Internet, it must be original and recognizable. Such a resource is a multi-page site, filled with products and equipped with the function of creating an order from a catalog.

What you get:

  • Technical support sites.
  • Graphic support.
  • Site update.
  • Daily monitoring of site performance.
  • Making backup copies of the site and databases with subsequent storage.
  • Registration and renewal of the domain name.
  • Website hosting.
  • Creation and support of mailboxes.
  • Adding new actual information to the site.
  • Content adaptation on the site.

Any, even the most flawless site requires systematic maintenance. Without support Joomla begins to fail and over time the problems only accumulate and worsen. Typical signs that a resource is not being maintained are:

  • an increase in page load time;
  • Loss of resource positions in SERPs;
  • Damage to the site by viruses;
  • improper display of information;
  • inaccessibility of individual pages or the entire site for visits.

The causes of such problems may be accumulated in the process of working site errors, extraneous interference, outdated plug-ins and more. Needless to say, the problems with the developed site brings tangible losses, as funds invested in resource promotion and advertising are spent in vain, and the level of customer confidence in the company with a non-functional site is rapidly falling. Support for Joomla — a set of measures aimed at maintaining the resource in the maximum functional state and the rapid elimination of errors and failures.

In order for the site to develop dynamically and become more efficient and useful, they need to engage in it from the first day of his appearance on the Web. But even if no one was engaged in support and the resource was in a "neglected" state, it is never too late to give it in the hands of qualified professionals and put it in order.

Our studio is not the first year of Joomla support and knows perfectly well what is necessary to ensure that the Internet resource was developed and brought its owner income. Web studio specialists — these are true professionals with specialized education and solid experience with sites of various types and directions. In order to provide qualitative work of the website and dynamic growth of its popularity, we use the most effective methods and the latest technologies.

Many people think that the professional technical support of the website — it's expensive. We are ready to prove that it's not so. Contact our managers and we will give you comprehensive information about the prices and the order of work. You will be pleasantly surprised by our pricing policy and you will certainly be interested in cooperating with our web studio. And very soon you will see the result of professional support for Joomla, which is always obvious.

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